Monitoring waking/sleeping heart rate – CMS 50e

Using my fingers to try and measure my heart rate when I wake up was a complete pain in the ass. It also was very inaccurate so I went in search for a better solution. What I found was Oximeters have a finger tip pulse monitor built in as well. This made it simple as leaning over and sticking your finger in the machine.

The model I purchased was the CMS 50e, it can additionally record your heart rate threw the night if you want to keep an eye on your sleeping patterns.

One of the simplest ways to watch out for over training is to monitor your waking heart rate. If you wake up with a unusually high heart rate that could be the indicator that you have over trained. This out could indicate you

  • Did not sleep well or long enough
  • Stress
  • You have caught something
  • Over training

The other side is your heart rate can go down, now mostly this can happen as you become more fit. Expect a sudden drop can be just as bad as a sudden increase. Over training and malnutrition can cause your heart rate to drop. In other words, lower heart rate is not necessarily the holy grail of fitness.

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