Proper fitting giro helmet

Luckily for me giro saved my life by building an excellent helmet which I am sure they where patient when building.

Not only do you have to wear a helmet, you have to wear it properly. This is more then just putting the strap on. To check to see if your helmet fits right use the instructions from giros site.

1. Grab the helmet with both hands and twist it to the left and to the right. If the helmet fits properly, the skin on the forehead will move as the helmet moves. If it does not, the helmet is too loose.

2. Also, grab the helmet with both hands and try to remove it by rolling the helmet forward and backward as far as you can. Make a serious effort. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you can roll it off the head completely in either direction, roll it forward so far that it blocks vision, or backward far enough to expose the forehead, it doesn’t fit correctly.

If you cannot adjust the helmet to fit properly according to these instructions, DO NOT USE THIS HELMET. Replace it with a different size or model. Once you are satisfied that the helmet fits correctly and that all straps are properly adjusted and tightened, take a short test ride. Pay attention to overall comfort and helmet stability while riding. Make any minor adjustments to the fit pads, straps and stability systems to improve comfort or stability. If you have questions about fit, call us at (800) 456-2355 or e-mail us at

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