Power Output during the Tour de France

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Comparsion Chris King Cross vs Deore

A Chris King Cross Rear wheel vs Shimano Deore Rear is not exactly fair due to they are completely different wheels. The setup I have is a Chris King Coss High Flange Rear Hub with DT swiss 465 rim and a Shimano Deore Rear hub with a Mavic A319 rim. Forgot to weight them before putting the cassettes and Michelin KRYLION CARBON tries on. The Chris King is 1540 g and the Deore is 1860 g.

Reality is the use that Chris King can take for 10 years is what the Deore would take for 1 year. The price difference is about 5 times as much initially. Expect if you put in the hard miles the Chris King becomes the lower cost option.

Traffic safety

France has shown impressive results with increasing road safety. It goes to show that by the government taking a very active role in safety can save thousands of lives.
Road Safety in France (pdf)

From FIA Foundation for the automobile and society

World report on road traffic injury prevention – WHO compares traffic accidents to war, where as the millions of people killed yearly is more then most wars

Proper fitting giro helmet

Luckily for me giro saved my life by building an excellent helmet which I am sure they where patient when building.

Not only do you have to wear a helmet, you have to wear it properly. This is more then just putting the strap on. To check to see if your helmet fits right use the instructions from giros site.

1. Grab the helmet with both hands and twist it to the left and to the right. If the helmet fits properly, the skin on the forehead will move as the helmet moves. If it does not, the helmet is too loose.

2. Also, grab the helmet with both hands and try to remove it by rolling the helmet forward and backward as far as you can. Make a serious effort. THIS IS IMPORTANT. If you can roll it off the head completely in either direction, roll it forward so far that it blocks vision, or backward far enough to expose the forehead, it doesn’t fit correctly.

If you cannot adjust the helmet to fit properly according to these instructions, DO NOT USE THIS HELMET. Replace it with a different size or model. Once you are satisfied that the helmet fits correctly and that all straps are properly adjusted and tightened, take a short test ride. Pay attention to overall comfort and helmet stability while riding. Make any minor adjustments to the fit pads, straps and stability systems to improve comfort or stability. If you have questions about fit, call us at (800) 456-2355 or e-mail us at

Monitoring waking/sleeping heart rate – CMS 50e

Using my fingers to try and measure my heart rate when I wake up was a complete pain in the ass. It also was very inaccurate so I went in search for a better solution. What I found was Oximeters have a finger tip pulse monitor built in as well. This made it simple as leaning over and sticking your finger in the machine.

The model I purchased was the CMS 50e, it can additionally record your heart rate threw the night if you want to keep an eye on your sleeping patterns.

One of the simplest ways to watch out for over training is to monitor your waking heart rate. If you wake up with a unusually high heart rate that could be the indicator that you have over trained. This out could indicate you

  • Did not sleep well or long enough
  • Stress
  • You have caught something
  • Over training

The other side is your heart rate can go down, now mostly this can happen as you become more fit. Expect a sudden drop can be just as bad as a sudden increase. Over training and malnutrition can cause your heart rate to drop. In other words, lower heart rate is not necessarily the holy grail of fitness.


Keo Sprint do well for training and Keo Ti Carbon are nice for racing.

The Keo Carbon Ti come race ready, they all ready have gone threw a test of load bearing rotations. The rotation is silky smooth.

One of my older Look pedals weight more then two of the Look Keo Carbon pedals. Very noticeable on the pedal stroke and well worth the extra $$.

For commuting I use greyhound track pedals with plastic clip ones from mec. They have a sealed bearing which does well for one winter. Salt and sand mixed together to a great job at braking down grease while wearing out any metal part.

Chain wear tool

I received the chain wear tool from my mom as a stocking stuffer and it has been a fantastic gift. It is a must if you are going to be putting on the miles, if I ride a week with a worn out chain I’ll end up replacing the cassette as well as the chain.

The best one and most accurate I have found is made by Parktool.